El año 2018 ha sido elegido para la celebración de la carrera de 20 km ALICANTE / SANTA POLA, donde se esperan más de 10.000 participantes. Se espera que sea la fiesta deportiva más grande de la COSTA BLANCA, desde Alicante, pasando por Arenales del Sol (Elche), y finalizando en Santa Pola.

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Who hasn’t dreamed of taking part in a race with a wonderful course and without losing sight of the delightful vision that the sea gives us at any moment? The Costa Blanca littoral has a singular beauty, and we couldn’t miss this opportunity to invite you all to participate in THE GREATEST MEDITERRANEAN RACE:


  It will be 20 fantastic kilometres which you will completely enjoy the upcoming 4th of November. This is a very appropriate date to gather all the visitors who want to enjoy the excellent long weekend visiting all the places in Alicante and tasting our outstanding food, as well as taking advantage of our wonderful weather. In addition, you will have at your disposal the perfect test right a month before, in case you are already running Valencia’s Marathon.

And what about a completely flat course for all of us to enjoy? The start line will be in CASA MEDITERRÁNEO which is placed on the exit of Alicante to the airport. You will see the Palmeral park, and moving on to the 5th kilometre, you will be at the height of the EUIPO (European Union Intelectual Property Office). The first drink station, as well as the first chip control point will be at the point of the 5K. You will continue all the way to Urbanova reaching the 10th kilometre in Arenales del Sol (Elche). The second drink station, the 10K chip control point, and some WC will be available here. You will get to Carabasí’s beach (still in Elche) after crossing all Arenales del Sol making it to the 15th kilometre with the third drink station and the 15K chip control point.
The last five kilometres will be spectacular because you will be able to see the Ermita de Nuestra Sra. Del Rosario and making it to Varadero’s beach in Santa Pola which is right in front of Tabarca’s island. Can you imagine such a happy ending?

Our team will take care of the logistics since it’s the most complex part of all this big event. All the runners will be able to leave their belongings in the cloakroom-lorries before the start of the race takes part. You will pick them up once you have crossed the finish line, the drink station post-finish line and you have grabbed your medal. And after all of this, you will be able to get back to CASA MEDITERRÁNEO on the Vectalia buses we have settled for you all.

CASA MEDITERRÁNEO will hold the EXPO BUSINESS SPORT, also known as the place where every runner will be able to pick up their bib number and runner bag. This Expo will offer Running Stands, conferences, and round-table discussions which are being organized. Even some running film will be projected…

In conclusion, this is one of the nicest projects the province of Alicante has had. The race COSTA BLANCA ALICANTE – SANTA POLA 20K has joined the two most important cities of our province: Alicante and Elche, plus this event offers a happy ending in the town where the best Half Marathon of the province is held: Santa Pola.

Are you going to miss this fantastic 20K?

José Manuel Albentosa

Race Director.


  Wednesday, 31th November  2018
Timetable   Services Place
23.59 h. close inscriptions Web: http://20kmalicantesantapola.com
  Friday 02nd November  2018
Timetable   Activities Place
17.00 h. Inagurations Expo Bussines Sport Building Diputación de Alicante
 De 17.30 h. a 20.00 h. Expo Bussines Sport Building  Diputación de Alicante
De 17.00 h. a 20.00 h. Delivery of numbers Building Diputación de Alicante
  Saturday 03rd November 2018
Timetable   Services Place
De 10.00 h. a 20.00 h. Expo Bussines Sport Building Diputación Alicante
De 10.00 h. a 14.00 h. Delivery of numbers Building Diputación Alicante
De 16.00 h. a 20.00 h. Delivery of numbers Building Diputación Alicante
  Sunday 04th November 2018
Timetable   Services Place
06.30 h. a 08.00 h. Delivery of numbers Building Diputación Alicante
 08.30 h. Start cloakroom AVD. Estación Building Diputacion Alicante
08.45 h. Start departures Boxes Avd. de la Estación (Alicante)
09.20 h. Close Departures Boxes
Close Cloakroom
Avd. de la Estación (Alicante)

Avd. Salamanca.

09.30 h. Satart “20 km Alicante-Elche-Santa Pola” Avd. de la Estación (Alicante)
10.30 h. Start Cloakroom Meta.
Start Bus return  Alicante
Avd. de Santiago Bernabéu (Santa Pola)
12.30 h. Close Meta (Santa Pola) Parking de Varadero (Santa Pola)
13.00 h. Award Ceremonies Parking de Varadero (Santa Pola)
14.00 h. Close Cloakroom Avd. Santiago Bernabeu (Santa Pola)





20 KM



The event organizer. –

The Festrijump Sports Club organizes the first edition of “20K ALICANTE – SANTA POLA GRAND PRIZE COUNCIL OF ALICANTE” the
4th of November 2018. The race will start at 09:30 h. and it will hold a maximum of 10.000 runners. Everybody can participate
as long as they are 16 years old (included those who have their birthdays the day of the race).

This event does not belong to any official calendar of the Spanish Athletic Federation, therefore the personal information
of the runner (Name, Surname, NIF/NIE/Passport, Date of Birth, Gender, and ZIP Code) can be used for the need of day accident
insurance, results, and ranking by the Festrijump Sports Club. The registration guarantees the participant to be insured
by public liability and accidents the day of the competition.

By all means, the participant may apply his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition by writing
or emailing the Festrijump Sports Club as the Data Protection Law establishes. The Festrijump Sports Club is located in Urb.
El Palmeral calle Victoria Kent Siano, Portal 12, Local 2, Cod. Postal 03008 Alicante.

E-mail: info@20kmalicantesantapola.com

Course. –

The course consists of 20.000 m. of natural track next to the coastline, therefore the runner will enjoy the Mediterranean
Sea view among Alicante, Elche, and Santa Pola.

Course map.

Starting arrangements. –

There will be 7 starting blocks based on the time from the half marathon distance at the starting point of the race.

There will be 7 starting blocks based on the time from the half marathon distance at the starting point of the race.:

RED Under 1h. 19’ 59”
YELLOW Between 1h. 20’ 00” and 1 h. 34’ 59”
ORANGE Between 1h. 35’ 00” and 1h. 44’59”
BLUE Between 1h. 45’ 00” and 1h. 54’ 59”
PURPLE Between 1h. 55’ 00” and 2h. 04’59”
GREEN Between 2h. 05’ 00” and 2h. 14’ 59”
GRAY Over 2h. 15’ 00”

BLOCKS disposition on the Start line

Each block belongs to a limited number of runners (it could change according to the organisation’s decision), and the runners
will be organized on the blocks according to a strict registration time: if your selected block is full, you will be automatically
placed onto the next block, and so on.

When you register you must select your estimated time for the race (please be the most specific as possible to respect the
rest of the runners), you will see the different options for all the estimated types of time.

The bib number colour will indicate you where to be situated at the Start point, just as the colours presented on the entrance
of each block.

It won’t be necessary to identify your personal record to access the blocks through the register process.

Please take the election of the block seriously.

Categories. –

There will be the following categories according to this regulation:

Men / Women Age at the day of the event
YOUTH From 16 to 19 years.
U23 From 20 to 23 years.
SENIORS From 24 to 39 years.
Master A From 40 to 49 years.
Master B From 50 to 59 years.
Master C From 60 to 69 years.
Master D Over 70 años.
Visually impaired people Single category
Disabled (handbike only) Single category
Selves-employed Single category
Companies with 2 participants Single category
Companies with 4 participants Single category

The category will be assigned the day of the race depending on the age.

In case you have doubts, or you want to claim about the age or certain category the Organization will be allowed to demand
the relevant documents in each case (I.D., disabled certificate, etc.).

It does not exist the local runners’ category.

Services for the runner. –

Every kilometre will be properly marked with signs: vertically and/or painted on the pavement on the left side of the course,
plus there will be drink stations every 5 kilometres.

WC. –

All the runners will be able to use the WC at the Start point located in CASA MEDITERRÁNEO (Alicante), as well as in the
10th kilometre (Arenales del Sol).

Massages. –

All the runners will have the opportunity of receiving a massage at the recovery area once they have crossed the finish line.
They must follow the order given by the responsible of this zone, which is located in Avd. Santiago Bernabéu (Santa Pola).

Cloakroom service. –

Every participant will have his/her cloakroom service at the Start point in CASA MEDITERRÁNEO (Alicante), same as the transport
of his/her belongings all the way to the finish line (Santa Pola).

The material allowed in this cloakroom is 40 cm (wide) x 50 cm (high). Any other measures won’t be acquired.

List of prohibited articles in the start/finish area:

  • Bags over the indicated measures
  • Bikes.
  • Roller skates.
  • Skate boards
  • etc…,

Bus transport. –

The runner will have a bus service available for his/her way back from the Finish point (Santa Pola) to the Start point area
in CASA MEDITERRÁNEO (Alicante). This service must be signed up by the participant on the registration period, or after
through the service section on the website: http://20kmalicantesantapola.com. This renting service will cost 1.00 euros besides
the bib number rate.

Healthcare services. –

There will be ambulances with medical service in the Start and Finish point areas, and in kilometres 5, 10, and 15 with a
clear exit for emergencies.

Registration periods and prices. –

20K Alicante-Santa Pola – Grand Prize Council of Alicante 2018.

The registration period is between the 1st of June 2018 until the 31st of October 2018, both inclusive.

Those who register after the 1st of November 2018 will be managed as late submissions, and they will only be processed in
the EXPO BUSINESS SPORT zone (if there are any positions available they will cost 35.00 euros).

Individual results. – All runners will be part of individual results besides the self-employed or the company category results (if they had selected
these categories beforehand).

  • The registration of the individual category can be done through the Individual Registration form.

Selves-employed. – All runners who are registered as selves-employed in the Régimen General de la Seguridad Social. In case someone complains
about something, the Organization will ask them to present the appropiate documentation.

  • The registration of the self-employed category can be done through the General Registration form.

Companies. – All the runners who are a part of the same company and which have specified it beforehand on the registration section.

There are two types of companies:

  • Companies with 2 participants minimum:
    • Both men.
    • Both women.
    • Mixed team.
  • Companies with 4 participants minimum:
    • All men.
    • All women.
    • Mixed team

The registration of the company category can be done through the Registration form where everyone must select the appropriate
options to obtain the results.

01/06/2018 – 12:00 H. 31/08/2018 – 23:59 H. 20 EUROS
01/09/2018 – 00:00 H. 31/10/2018 – 23:59 H. 25 EUROS

Pack inscripción conjunta:

  • 20K Alicante-Santa Pola – Gran Premio Diputación de Alicante 2018.
  • 30ª Media Maratón Santa Pola 2019.
01/06/2018 – 12:00 H. 31/08/2018 – 23:59 H. 35 EUROS
01/09/2018 – 00:00 H. 31/10/2018 – 23:59 H. 40 EUROS



The empowerment given to another person to modify the registration costs 15 euros.

The amount of 15 euros cannot be returned if passed 15 days once the registration is formalised according to the electronic
business regulation.

The registration includes an accident and public liability insurance to every athlete.

The registration prices include VAT.

The registration prices do not include management bank fee by registration.

Following the procedure to register on the website http://www.20kmalicantesantapola.com/ the participant WILL HAVE TO SELECT the box DEFENSE DEPOSITION AND PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION, ACCEPTING its regulation.
We suggest to ready it all through very carefully.

The moment you register to “20K Alicante-Santa Pola – Grand Prize Council of Alicante 2018”, you are giving consent to the
Festrijump Sports Club or to a third party to use your personal information only for sports, promoting, or marketing purposes.

The participant has his/her right to correct or cancel (totally or partially) his/her personal information according to the
Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of the Protection of Information of Personal Character. To do so, the participant will
have to submit a writing request to the Festrijump Sports Club located in Urb. El Palmeral, Calle Victoria Kent Siano, portal
12, local 2, 03005 Alicante.

Likewise, the registered give up deliberately the right of using their name and surname, the
time they obtained and the place where it happened, the category, and their self-image to the Organization. This is according
to the sporting, promoting, distribution, and exploitation of the race “20K Alicante-Santa Pola – Grand Prize Council of
Alicante 2018” affecting to all participants (pictures from the race, result lists, etc.) through any device (internet, advertising,
etc.) and without a limited time.

Secretary and bib number pick-up. –

The Secretary section will be placed in both Start and Finish point areas where all the information about the race will be
told. Here is where you will find the ambulances, medical area, etc.

The bib numbers can be picked up in Casa Mediterráneo in Expo Bussines Sport :

  • Friday, November 2nd 2018:
    • From 17:00 h. to 20:30 h
  • Saturday, November 3rd 2018:
    • From 10:00 h. to 20:30 h.
  • Sunday, November 4th 2018:
    • From 06:30 h. to 08:00 h.*

*No more bib numbers will be given after this hour.

You must present your I.D. (the original or a photocopy of it) when picking up the bib number.

If you are not the title holder of the bib number, you need to present an authorisation in order to pick it up. You will
find the document you must fulfil, sign, and hand over to pick up the bib number on the following link.

Download the authorisation document to pick up the Bib number.

Suspension. –


  • They do not complete the whole course.
  • They do not have the bib number presentable on the chest during the race, they manipulate it and/or give it to other person
    without following the pertinent regulation.
  • They modify the advertisement from the bib number.
  • They get to the finish line without the bib number, with a copy of it, or with a false bib number. (*)
  • They do not go through all the established checkpoints.
  • They modify any personal information (I.D.) given to the Organization or the Judge.
  • They do not give the documentation required to the Organization.
  • They do not pay attention to the Organization’s instructions.
  • All the disqualified runners will automatically lose all their prizes.

(*) The Organization will preserve its right to take legal action against these participants in order to protect its interests
and the interests of the rest participants who are paying the registration through the right procedure established by the

Claims. –

The official results are responsibility only for the Judges and Timekeepers Committee of the Athletic Federation of the Comunidad

The claims will be verbally spoken to the Judge no later than 30 minutes after the results have been officially communicated.
If the Judge dismisses them, the participant will be able to demand his/her results by a writing authorisation next to a
100 euros deposit to the Appeal Jury. The 100 euros deposit would be refunded to the owner in case the resolution is accepted.
The Judge’s decision would be unappealable if there is not an Appeal Jury.

Any claim, enquiry, doubt, or question about any product or service offered on the website http://www.20kmalicantesantapola.com
via registration or another section offered by the companies, shops, or any person outside the EVENT ORGANIZER must be done
directly to these companies.

The EVENT ORGANIZER is not responsible of the transactions between participant and company.

The task of the EVENT ORGANIZER is only to provide the website and the payment process. This way the participant may or may
not subscribe to the services offered by the companies.

The participant releases the EVENT ORGANIZER from any responsibility about the product acquired.

Timing. –

The timing will be based on placing a chip control point on the Start point, another one on the Finish point, and every 5
kilometres. This system obliges every runner to cross through the control carpet in order to obtain the results. This timing
is held by the chip system company conxip.es.

The chip is located on the bib number’s back protected with a spongy sash. You must not bend it, wet it, or tear it. This
is a one-use only chip, it will remain inoperative whenever the participant finishes the race.

Athletes’ follow-up. –

The only vehicles authorized to follow-up the race are the ones designated by the Organization. It is completely prohibited
to follow-up the runners by car, motorbike, or bike if you are not an authorized vehicle. If anybody does so, the Local Police
can remove these unauthorized vehicles out of the course to prevent the runners from an accident.

Accident and public liability insurance. –

All the official participants are covered by a bailee policy to a third party arranged by the Organization. This policy will
cover sports’ accidents executed directly during the race, and never derivative from a disease or an obvious defect, carelessness,
negligence, neglect of legal duty, etc., nor the ones executed during the transfer to the event.

Results and prizes. –

Cash prizes do not exist.

Individual trophies, clubs, selves-employed, and companies:

CLUBS’ RESULTS (Men and Women)

  • First, second, and third position

*The teams will be made up of 4 runners minimum (there is no maximumin the same club or team). The results will be obtained
by the running time of the 4 first runners from the club or team.


  • Individual selves-employed Results (Men and Women).
    • First, second, and third position


  • Companies with 2 participants (Men and Women).
    • First, second, and third position.
  • Companies with 4 participants (Men and Women).
    • First, second, and third position.
  • Mixed companies with 2 participants. *
    • First, second, and third position.
  • Mixed companies with 4 participants. **
    • First, second, and third position.

*The result will be obtained from the time of the first man and the first woman.

** The result will be obtained from the
time of the 2 first men and the 2 first women.


  • Largest club.
    • First, second, and third position.
  • Largest company.
    • First, second, and third position.



A technical t-shirt from the race.

A certified diploma with your time and a PICTURE FROM THE FINISH LINE (You may download
it online).

Prize claim. –

The prizes will automatically belong to the Organization if after 30 days they are not picked up by their participants.

These participants will not be able to claim their prizes since it’s understood that they have refused the right of owning

All rights reserved. –

The organizing Committee reserves its right to interpret the sections of the Law being able to modify or strike down new

The Organization reserves the admission right of those who are sanctioned or waiting for a resolution made by the Sports

All the participants agree to this Statement by taking part in the race. The Organization’s judgement will thrive over the
rest in case there is any doubt.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the Organization through its e-mail:  info@20kmalicantesantapola.com